Cell count and viability without Blue Trypan and NO DILUTION

Cell culture monitoring system in real time without operator intervention

Cellular imaging instrument that records a very large field of cell culture (30 mm2) without loss of resolution. The visualization of cells from the micrometric scale to the centimeter scale without moving part is made possible for the first time.

Your culture is monitored in real time inside the incubator, and can be viewed and analyzed from your computer. It is no longer necessary to sample.

Performs an automatic analysis of growth kinetics. It records real-time images of your cells at a determined frequency and recreates video films called "time-lapse" which allow you to visualize and highlight the very organization of cell life.

This results in a real-time, automatic analysis of cell growth, confluence, viral lysis, morphology, migration or other unexpected biology experiments, such as the mesoscale organizational study. (like organization of capillary, tissues….)


Cell proliferation by counting and quantitative determination of confluence
Analysis of cell migration
Monitoring of cell differentiation of stem cells
Angiogenesis, process of growth of new blood vessels (neovascularization) from preexisting vessels


High-throughput 96-well cell counter for parallel bioreactors

The simplest cell benchtop counter for high-throughput control of your crops.
For rapid measurement of count and viability, up to 48 samples.
Each 3µm sample is analyzed without dilution and several thousand cells are counted in a single image.


Fully automated solutions for your micro-bioreactors in parallel

  • A unique imaging technology without staining that allows extremely rapid cell count and viability from a sample volume of a few μl of your cell suspension.

  • An incomparable reproducibility which results directly from the extremely wide field of vision of the analyzed image, as well as from the method without preparation of the sample (no dilution, no trypan blue).

NORMA 4S is ready for quick, simple and 100% automatic solutions on your parallel microbioreactors. 












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