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Disruption pressures

One Shot Machine (OS)

The ideal tool for R&D : the One Shot Cell Disruptor

The OneShot cell disruptor is the ideal tool for R&D.


Used for processing fast and efficiently small samples of various suspensions : microorganisms, yeasts, filandrous mushrooms, vegetable and mammalian cells but also tissues as leaves, muscles or liver.

  • Quick and easy to use (installation : 10 seconds ; disruption : less than 1 second)

  • Disruption pressure easily and accurately set

  • Pressure consistent and stable during disruption cycle

  • Easily dismantled for manual cleaning and autoclaving

  • Incorporates a disruption head and hydraulic operating and control system

  • Materials in contact with sample : 316 stainless steel or equivalent, synthetic sapphire, EPDM, PTFE, GLFPTFE and PEEk 450G

Important !

The One Shot Head Adaptor

Incorporates the unique capability of One Shot model into the continuous flowing range of Constant Systems cell disrupters.

  • For processing sample in suspension or small "solids"

  • Scale-up and reproducible results

  • Materials in contact with sample are 316L stainless steel

  • Sample volume : from 2 to 10ml

  • Cycle per shot : from 1 to 30 seconds, depending on cell disrupter model

  • Disruption time : from 0,1 to 1 second

  • Pressure : up to 2700 bars

  • Machine weight : 10 kgs

Safety system : disabled if not correctly assembled, no aerosols

Maintenance : the high pressure gasket (or seal) and jet assembly is very specific. In case of damage, the equipment must be sent back to factory for standard replacement.

The One Shot Machine can be equiped with a new anti-Foam cup especially designed to stop definitely all the problems of Foam during the breakage
Ask for more informations.

OS Disruptor

CF Disrupter

for continuous process

Broyeur en continu pour fractionnement sans échauffement. Vs French-Press

Constant Systems cell disintegrators of the "CF" series are used to continuously break down microorganism and yeast suspensions.

The disruption temperature can be kept below 10 ° C with a cryothermostat.
Self-contained with one plugg.
The whole system is confined so as to avoid the production of aerosol.
No dead volume : can be used from 10ml to X l / min depending on the model.
Efficient and reproducible whatever the user, in one single pass.
Uniform and stable pressure throughout the disintegration cycle.
The disruption can be selective, to extract vesicles, membranes ... by applying the adequate pressure (between 300 and 2700Bars)
They are equipped with a PLC for piloting but also for automatically diagnosing a blocked nozzle or for stopping running in the event of absence of product.
On the touch screen, just press "start" and the grinding takes place.


HFR  for production scale

Ideal Disruptor in Production phase with flow rates up to 140L / h

Broyeur cellulaire pour fractionnement Production. Vs French-Press
  • Incorporates our unique disruption technique as well as our very precise Hydraulic Operation Control system

  • Easy and precise disruption pressure adjustment with a range of up to 40 Kpsi as standard

  • Digital display

  • Automatic stop at the end of the process

  • Different flow rates available depending on the maximum pressure desired

  • Constant and stable pressure during the grinding cycle

  • Standard tri-clamp connections for input / output - allow direct connections to peripheral equipment installed upstream and downstream

  • Fully scalable on the whole range of Constant Systems Ltd  disrupters

  • Materials in contact with the sample : Duplex stainless steel 316L and F51 or equivalent, synthetic sapphire, EPDM, GLFPTFE & PEEK 450G *

  • IQ / OQ available on request



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