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Liquid Level and Foam Detection Sensors

Reliable Sensors to protect all of your processes

Foam Liquid Detection

Foam Detection

Systems and ranges


On-Off Output


On-Off Output

Foam and Liquid

A unique and foolproof measurement principle

The Charis Technology/Hycontrol foam controller works by passing a weak AC current through the foam (or liquid) and uses it to measure its impedance.

The probe is designed with two electrodes

The sensor is designed with two electrodes called Sense (at the end of the sensor) and Guard (on the body of the sensor).

The Sense electrode is used to sense foam while the Guard electrode is designed to prevent the build-up of any surface coating from causing false readings.

The Guard electrode supplies all the leakage current leaving the Sense electrode to sense only foam and isolates the sensor from the interference caused by fouling.
This technology enables the sensor to continue working reliably even in conditions of extreme fouling.

In this way, even in case of heavy fouling of the probe by foam deposits, the SureSense controller detects only the foam in formation.

This exclusive Charis technology allows reliable work even in extreme fouling conditions and is suitable for all types of tanks from a few liters to hundreds of M3.
Sensing probes are available in diameter 20mm with connectors of different types "Triclamp", BSP, DN25, PG13,5, or specific depending on the manufacturer of tanks ... .. A connector cable gland is also available to adjust the height.

On the same probe we can have up to 3 levels of detection

EXner Sensors

NIR EXcell sensors are hygienic NIR LED sensors for measuring biomass, OD, turbidity, transmittance, backscattering in industrial, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes


Equipments and Ranges

  • Integrated transmitter for reliable measurement without data disruption and with a wider range

  • Connections PG 13,5, G1 "1/4, G1 / 2". For others, please consult us (adapters available Varivent, TC ....)

  • Laser welded and bonded for perfect sealing : no leak possible

  • Optical with LED

  • Sapphire window

  • Unaffected by daylight

  • Guaranteed connector with protective cap against corrosion

  • 316L Inox Body

EXner LED biomass measurement sensor

EXcell 231

Biomass Measurement

Backscatter or EXner backscatter measurement

EXpect 271

Backscattering Turbidity Measurement

Biomass measurement sensor 241 with LED EXner

EXcell 241

Biomass Measurement

Reference filters for easy, liquid-free calibration

EXpect 231

NIR absorption sensor in compact design

EXner Sensors
Kemtrak Sensors and photometers
UV NIR VIS Turbidity measurement with Kemtrak and CellD optical fiber

 Kemtrak Photometers and Cells

The Kemtrak analysis chains consist of :

a Photometer
Housing protecting all electronics including light sources and detectors (IP65),

a Measuring Cell
In contact with the product without dead volume,

and Optical Fibers
Industrial type, which connect the control unit to the measuring cell

kemtrak-UV VIS NIR.jpg

Kemtrak transmitters are in-line measurement systems for UV, visible, near-infrared (IR), Absorbance Units, BackScatter units and fluorescence.

  • Optical density measurement of UV to NIR from 250 to 2000nm (UV-VIS-NIR DCP007 UV & NIST Accessory)

  • Optical density measurement of color and turbidity (VIS & NIR 350 - 1050nm, DCP007),

  • Backscatter Measurement (NBP007) to 600 g/l, PG13,5 & TC

  • Nephelometric measurement (ratiometric) for low turbidity ( TC007) from 0 to 100 ppm,

  • F luorescence Measurement (FL007)

The series 007 also provides as standard, an intuitive and graphical user interface that can be accessed via any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari ...) with the TCP / IP protocol.
The web interface offers the possibility of remote control as well as easy access to operating procedures.
In addition to the analog output (s), a Modbus output is provided as standard.

Les cellules Kemtrak à usage unique
Les filtres de calibration Kemtrak
kemtrak-NIST avec cuvette.png
Measurement with Kemtrak optical fiber

LSC inline Refractometers

LSC refractometer for industrial and biotechnology processes

Liquids Solids Control offers robust and reliable industrial refractometers for all types of processes in the petrochemical, agri-food, paper, pharma and biotechnology industries.

Hygienic guarantees and instant response.

326 Refractometer

1022 Refractometer


LSC Inline Refractometers

level Measurement with Hycontrol

Level Measurement

A few applications

Protection of silos (aggregates, cement, food industry ...)
Chemical, pharmaceutical production
Bitumen production
Plastic production
Anaerobic digestion etc


hycontrol-Solid measurement.png

Solids Level Measurement

  1. TDR Radar For Solids

  2. Ultrasonic, ‘Through Air’

  3. 2 Wire Ultrasonic Transmitter

  4. FMCW 2 Wire Radar

  5. Continuous ‘Servo’ Level Indicator

  6. FMCW 2 Wire Radar

  7. Capacitance Level Switch

  8. Vibrating Probe Level Switch

  9. Rotating Paddle Level switch

  10. Microwave Level Switch

  11. Doppler Flow Switch

hycontrol-Liquid Measurement.png

Liquids Level Measurement

  1. By-Pass Level Indicator With Radar

  2. TDR Radar For Liquids

  3. 2 Wire Ultrasonic Transmitter

  4. FMCW ‘Horn’ Radar 2 Wire

  5. Magnetic Float Switches

  6. FMCW 2 Wire Radar

  7. Capacitance Level Switch

  8. RF Admittance Level Switch

  9. Side Mounting 316 SS Float Switch

  10. Tuning Fork Level Switch

  11. Tuning Fork Level Switch

  12. Ultrasonics ‘Through Wall’

  13. Mini Magnetic Float Level Switch

Hycontrol Level Measurement
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