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Custom Design Bioreactors

Custom Design Bioreactors 

We design and manufacture 3D cell culture systems to fit specific applications and are dedicated to providing the best system to fit your 3D cell culture needs.

We manufacture custom bioreactor systems, ranging from simple to complex for a variety of tissue and cell types. We create systems which allow perfusion through the lumen of a vessel or other tissue/ matrix construct.  

If you have a specialized system in mind, please contact us to discuss your design goals. 

Flow Cell

We have designed a fluidic device for several customers that can accomodate spheroids produced in an RCCS and expose them to variable laminar flow rates.

The flow cell has a channel which is filled with a matrix to which the spheroids are attached. The flow of media is controlled by a peristaltic pump. The entire system including the pump, flow cell and gas exchange module fits in a standard CO2 incubator.

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