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Perfusion Bioreactors

Perfusion Bioreactors 

Our perfusion bioreactor systems allow for continuous feeding of the cell culture chamber from an external media bottle. While the culture media continuously perfuses through the system, the 3D aggregates of cells and scaffolds are retained in the cell culture chamber by a porous perfusion core. The media also flows through an external silicone oxygenator via a peristaltic pump to maintain the oxygen level. 

Two available systems



Special Features

Media can be exchanged, sampled, or modified with or without stopping the vessel rotation during 3D cell culture

Systems can be used with or without scaffolds to create 3D cell models

Each Rotary Perfusion RCCMAX systems consists of the following 

  • Single station rotator base

  • Single or Dual Vessel

  • Oxygenator

  • Peristaltic pump

  • Power supply

  • Operation manual

  • Spare parts kit*

 *The spare parts kit included with RCCMax Dual system includes double quantities of items that come with the RCCMax system.


Stem Cell Maintenance

Stem Cell Expansion

Stem Cell Differentiation

Host-Pathogen Studies

Cancer Modeling/ Tumor Spheroid Culture

Cancer Cell Invasion Studies

Tissue Engineering

Spheroid Formation and Culture



Explant Culture

Organoid Culture

Hollow Organ Culture (custom order)

Blood Vessel Culture (custom order)


The RCCMax system is a single vessel perfusion system. 

Available in 

100 mL    •     125 mL    •   250 mL   •   Custom

RCCMax systems can be scaled up to grow larger tissues.



The RCCMax Dual system is a dual vessel system with two 50 mL vessels that perfuses media in series through both vessels.


This key feature makes the RCCMax Dual ideal for experiments that require identical culture conditions for different cell types.

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