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for your biomass measurements

We provide solutions designed to obtain precise, real-time measurements for biomass applications in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

What are Biomass sensors used for?

Biomass sensors are designed to provide real-time data on the density of biomass in solution without the need to collect samples and analyze them offline. Biomass sensors determine cell density or biomass by measuring optical density or OD.

NIR light penetrates the medium through sapphire windows and, depending on the technique used, measures either the absorbance or the backscatter of this light. The amount of absorbance or scatter detected can be correlated to known values such as g/l or A600/A660 to generate a measure of cell density.

Biomass sensors provide accurate, repeatable measurements online, eliminating both the risk of sampling contamination and errors due to dilution. Absorbance sensors are well suited for low level concentrations while backscatter sensors are ideal for high level concentrations (200 OD or greater).

Typical applications include:

Measuring cell growth
Microorganism concentration measurement
Determining the harvest point
Power Control
Determination of dilution rates
Monitoring/trending of fermentation processes

Are you facing these problems?

Measurement drift

Accuracy problem

Food problem

Sterilization problem



Utilité des capteurs Biomasse

EXcell Biomass Measurement

Technical Features

NIR EXcell sensors are hygienic NIR LED sensors for measuring Biomass, OD, Turbidity, Transmittance, backscattering in industrial, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes.

  • Integrated transmitter for reliable measurement without data disruption within a wider range

  • Connections PG 13,5, G1 "1/4, G1 / 2" (Others please consult us (adapters available Varivent, TC ....)

  • Laser welded and bonded for perfect sealing : no leaks possible

  • Optical with LED

  • Sapphire window

  • Unaffected by daylight

  • Guaranteed connector without corrosion with protective cap

  • 316L stainless steel body

Biomass Measurement

EXcell 231

  • Integrated preamplifier in the biomass probe

  • Autoclavable biomass measurement probe, color insensitive (measured in NIR) from 0 to 6 AU

  • Optical paths available : 5, 10 and 20 mm

  • EBC, FAU, OD, mg / L, AU measurements or any other user-defined unit

  • 12mm diameter with integrated transmitter, 120, 225, 325, 425 mm long

  • Sapphire windows, wear-resistant, hygienic, compatible SEP / CEP,

  • LED light guaranteed without deviation over time and without maintenance

  • Data saved directly to PC or via Modbus RS485 or 0 / 4-20 mA

EXcell 231

EXcell 241

  • Preamplifier integrated in the biomass probe

  • DN25 biomass measuring probe, sterilizable in place, insensitive to color (NIR 850nm) with measurement range from 0 to 6 AU

  • Optical pathlength available : 5, 10 and 20 mm

  • EBC, FAU, OD, mg / L, AU measurements or any other user-defined unit

  • 25mm diameter as standard with integrated transmitter. Two lengths available

  • Sapphire windows that are wear-resistant, hygienic, compatible with SEP / CEP

  • LED light guaranteed without deviation over time and without maintenance

  • Data saved directly to PC or Modbus RS485 or 0 / 4-20 mA

Biomass measurement with EXner LED sensor 241
EXcell 241

NBP007 Kemtrak


The KEMTRAK solution with the NBP007

The Kemtrak NBP007 is ideal for measuring high biomass concentrations.

With a very wide dynamic range, the NBP007 measures biomass in real time at unrivaled levels.

Each unit consists of an advanced analysis electronics unit and a fiber optic coupled cell.


  • Integrated bubble rejection system for highly aerated applications

  • Triclamp or 12mm connection (similar to a standard pH probe)

  • Multiple display with 4 control keys for local use

  • Ethernet connectivity for HTML/Java or Modbus web access over TCP/IP.

Solution Kemtrak
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