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EXpure 191 - NIR 90° Scattered Light Sensor

EXpure 191 is a highly accurate compact NIR turbidity sensor for monitoring processes with very low turbidity, e.g. in water applications. It is well suited for swimming pool applications, as well as for some special measuring points in the drinking water sector. The measuring principle used is a 90° scattered light measurement.


Compact design with integrated amplifier
Nephelometric measurement according to DIN EN 27027 and ISO 7027
Durable sapphire windows
Easy referencing of the sensor without additional tools
LED light source guarantees a durable and stable signal
Easy parameterisation via software EXpert
No calibration necessary by the user



Color-independent turbidity measurement
Pump performance control
Detection of very low turbidities
Optimisations when using flocculants
Checking the filter performance

EXpure 191

EXspect 271

Compact sensor for turbidity measurement
Transmitter with or without touchscreen
Easy to set up and duplicate with EXpert software
Outputs 0/4 ... 20mA and limit switch
Modbus, Ethernet or IO Link interfaces
G1 / 2 "hygienic, seamless, process connection
Thanks to its unique design, measurement in small section tubing, without bubbles nor fouling
Easy to clean
Calibration filter available

Biomass measurement with EXner LED sensor

Technological Advance

A measurement without bubbles or fouling thanks to a concave measuring window and an optical lens whose focus is focused on a single point of the surface.

Other sensors have a flat window that does not prevent from bubbles. They are usually difficult to clean.

Signal o diffusion and non of absorbance

Backscatter sensor at concave window
EXspect 271
Turbidity Measurement

EXspect Turbidity Measurement

Compact and steady Transmitter (stainless steel IP69 housing and hygienic design)

Can be implemented in many agro-food and environmental processes, even CIP / PM processes, in a very simple way.

Biomass measurement for dairy applications with EXner

EXspect 231

Compact sensor for optical density turbidity measurement

EXspect 231 is a compact, high precision NIR sensor for monitoring production processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in many areas of subsequent applications.

The steady and compact design of the stainless steel body and the durable sapphire windows make the EXspect 231 a reliable absorption sensor with integrated digital measuring amplifier and touch screen.

Depending on the type of sensor, units of measure can be issued in % turbidity, absorption or common turbidity units and a maximum measuring range of 0 ... 6 AU is available, which can be 4-20 mA standard interface.

Two alarm thresholds can be programmed and different switching outputs are available.

With the EXpert parameterization software, the sensor can be easily adapted to the corresponding measurement.

EXcap110 series optical filters are available for all measurement ranges to control and calibrate the sensor.



Phase separation
Filter monitoring
Separation control
Measurement of concentration independent of color

EXspect 231
EXcap 120 Filters

EXcap 120

exner-excap 120.png

Set of backscattering reference normals

EXcap 120 is a set of optical reference normals for verification, adjustment or calibration of Exner NIR backscattering sensors.


This set can be equipped with up to three individually selectable single normals (10%, 50%, 90%) to verify the corresponding sensors in their ideal measuring range. The reference normals can be easily attached on to the measuring window, so that they are optimally fixed during verification or calibration. The normals are traceable according to NIST standard and can be verified at the factory.

Main Features

No liquid calibration
Very easy handling
Available for different measuring ranges
Individually selectable filters
Suitable for backscattering in high measurement ranges
Reference norms are traceable according to NIST standard
Local checking of calibration at the production site, easy

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