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Pneumatic Scale has developed a centrifuge specially designed to concentrate mammalian / insect cells without affecting their viability.

All the shear points of the cells have been minimized which allows us to harvest the cells with a yield close to 99%. When we talk about this type of yield we can find operating conditions G number / circulation rate which does not break even the most fragile cells; the cell concentration in the supernatant, as well as the cellular debris, are negligible.

The cell viability compared to that of the initial suspension is greater than 98%.

Two systems are available : ViaFugeTM Pilot and ViaFugeTM V12


Gamme ViaFuge


  • Designed for harvesting shear sensitive cells and recovering the supernatant,

  • On a variable scale,

  • Customized optimization,

  • Sterilization In Place (SIP)

  • Easily transportable table centrifuge,

  • Simple operation

The Carr Viafuge Pilote system is designed to harvest shear sensitive cells on a medium scale and recover the supernatant. Capable of separating a wide variety of mammalian or insect cells without damage, the Viafuge Pilote harvests with proven efficacy of + 99% and an undetectable cell concentration in the clarified supernatant.

pneumaticscale-Viafuge pilot on trolley


During the process, the cells concentrate against the walls of the bowl while the clarified supernatant is continuously discharged.
Once the bowl is filled with cell concentrate (1.3L), a collector with a pump collects the cells, without damaging them.


Minimizes the risk of transformation of the material downstream and thus preserves the purity of the product from the start.

Reduces the need for downstream filtration.
The design of the Pilot Viafuge reduces the centrifugal forces exerted on the cells, which preserves their integrity

Customized system optimization is possible depending on the application.

  • Flow range : 0.1 to 4L / min

  • Centrifugal forces : from 500 to 10,000g

  • Cell concentration up to 1.8 x 10E8

  • Bowl volume : 1.3L

  • Range Tours per minute : from 2,420 to 10,835 RPM

  • Temperature range during operation : from 2 to 40 ° C (from 5 to 40 ° C for the CE version)

  • Maximum temperature during MS : 134 ° C

Viafuge Pilot


The Viafuge V12 Pneumatic Scale centrifuge makes it possible to separate shear sensitive cells for medium and large scale productions.

This continuous flow system obtains unsurpassed results in terms of viability : 99% of intact cells, reduction of more than 90% of downstream filtration.

With flow rates of up to 40L / min and its variable speed drive, the Viafuge V12 adapts to the specific applications it optimizes. Operation in a hermetic system preserves the integrity of the cells and of the clarified supernatant.

An exclusive concept

The Viafuge V12 introduces feed into the Softstream™ accelerator through a stationary pipe where it is accelerated to full rotational speed under low shear before entering the titanium-alloy bowl. Cells are then concentrated along a gentle path between the core and the bowl wall.

Periodically, the concentrated cells are automatically recovered from the Viafuge V12 for collection, and the cycle is repeated to process the remainder of the feed batch. Upon completion of the separation process, automated SIP/CIPcycles may be performed via the PLC-controlled True Clean™ operating sequence.

Facilitates cGMP compliance by offering a simple sanitary design including strategic placement of sprayballs and jets, ASME-rated configurations for steam sterilization and a flexible CIP/SIP software program.

  • Flow Range: from 5 to 40L / min

  • Bowl volume: 16.7L

  • RPM range: 500 to 5,000g

  • Surface polishing: 25

  • Transportable (retractable wheels): yes

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