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TF Range

Hycontrol's TF Series are simple yet highly effective vibrating level switch devices for liquids.


They are unaffected by liquid conductivity, dielectric constant, viscosity, pressure or temperature, and can operate in a process temperature of up to 130°C (266°F).


The principle

A piezoelectric crystal is used to force a blade to oscillate at its fundamental frequency (also referred to as natural resonance). When the blade comes into contact with the process medium the oscillation is dampened; the electronics sense the change in frequency which causes the unit to switch.

The electronic output options allow the user to switch a load on/off or to interface directly with a PLC.

The units can be programmed to sense high or low level and failsafe high or low, with adjustable sensitivity to eliminate false switching.

As the damping effect (resistance to vibration) of low viscosity liquids is very small, Hycontrol's TF devices use two relatively wide blades to sense the presence of liquid levels. These blades can be short in length for minimal intrusion into the vessel, or for use in pipes.


The TF series' standard short forks offer many advantages to the user, enabling the switch to operate in small vessels or pipes with a minimum intrusion profile. Extensive research has maximised the operational effectiveness of the fork to enable it to operate with aerated liquids and slurries and to function even when coated with product. In combination with the features and benefits listed above, this makes the TF Series switches an ideal solution for a great many liquid level applications and level detection of free-flowing liquids.

The switches can be used to control filling and emptying functions, as well as generating failsafe alarms to provide either overfill or empty tank protection. The probes can be extended up to a length of 3 metres (10 feet). Plastic coated versions are recommended in aggressive mediums, and highly polished versions are recommended for abrasive mediums.


Product Highlights

  • Without moving parts

  • Maintenance-free

  • Operating temperature up to 260 ° C

  • Easy installation

  • Not affected by the environment

  • Pressure up to 100 bar

  • ATEX and SIL optional

  • Hygienic options

  • Short insertion length

  • Specific frequencies to avoid false positives

TF Range

Ultrasonic Level Measurement


Ultrasonic liquid level measurement

The Microflex D from Hycontrol is a compact, non-intrusive, loop-powered ultrasonic level transmitter for continuous measurement of liquids. Microflex D does not compromise on quality and provides effortless and intuitive operation together with easy and flexible mounting.



Microflex D’s high chemical compatibility and measuring range of either 8 metres (Microflex D) or 12 metres (Microflex D ER) makes it appropriate for level indication applications in a wide range of industries such as water, waste, food, dairy, oil, chemicals and more.

The principle

The Microflex D emits an ultrasonic pulse which is reflected from the surface of the liquid being measured. The reflected signal is processed using specially developed software to enhance the correct signal and reject false echoes.

An automatic sensitivity control allows the unit to dynamically adjust and improve the received echoes to achieve the best possible liquid measurement accuracy.

Since it's introduction, the Microflex D has been used in dozens of different applications and has proven itself to be a robust, effective addition to Hycontrol's product range. For straightforward liquid level indication and control applications, it is hard to beat !

Product Highlights

  • Range up to 11m

  • Very competitive prices

  • Advanced 2-wire technology

  • Non-contact measurement

  • Chemical resistant transducers

  • Advanced echo extraction

  • ATEX approved

  • Simple to install and maintain

  • Process connection 2 "BSP / NPT

  • Suitable for a wide range of liquids


Ultrasonic Level Measurement MICROFLEX  LR

Ultrasonic liquid and solid level measurement

Microflex LR pushes the boundaries of non-contact ultrasonic level measurement.

This new range of smart level transmitters can measure distances up to 60 metres and is suitable for solids and liquids. Using new technology developed with low frequencies, these transmitters can operate in extreme applications, including very dusty and dirty environments, where most traditional ultrasonic units will fail.



Utilising frequencies as low as 5 kHz enables level measurement on difficult solids applications up to 60 metres as this frequency can penetrate the dust on filling cycles and has an ability to self-clean the transducer face.

Microflex LR is available in two configurations with 2/3/4-wire technology ; an integral display (MI) four-button programmable instrument and a SMART blind (MS) version.

This product can be programmed from a PC using Hycontrol’s bespoke Vision System software. If necessary,  any system adjustments can be made from the other side of the world using the internet by adding the Hycontrol Link. Hycontrol Service Engineers can remotely analyse and overcome any commissioning or operating issues which may be experienced in the field, without having to actually visit the site ; this reduces time and costs for the user.

Practical and powerful, Microflex LR has proven extremely popular with Hycontrol customers.

Product Highlights

  • Measure up to 60m

  • BUS and multi-drop capability

  • Advanced 2-wire technology

  • Non-contact measurement

  • ATEX zone

  • Low voltage up to 12 VDC optional

  • Low frequency for better dust penetration

  • Measurement of solids and liquids

  • Transducers resistant to corrosive products

  • Remote connection for maintenance

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