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Kemtrak Photometers and Cells

New Kemtrak

kemtrak has opened a You Tube space which allows you to view a large number of videos.

We encourage you to visit it to see the performance of their technologies:

Kemtrak - YouTube

UV NIR VIS Turbidity measurement with Kemtrak and CellD optical fiber

Kemtrak Photometers and Cells 

The Kemtrak analysis chains consist of :

a Transmitter or Photometer
Housing protects all electronics including light sources and detectors (IP65), available for ATEX zones

a measuring Cell
In contact with the product without dead volume,

and Optical Fibers

Industrial type, which connect the control unit to the measuring cell

kemtrak-UV VIS NIR.jpg

Kemtrak Transmitters are in-line measurement systems for UV, visible, near-infrared (IR), Absorbance Units, BackScatter units and fluorescence.

  • optical density measurement of UV to NIR from 250 to 2000nm (UV-VIS-NIR DCP007 UV & accessory NIST)

  • optical density measurement of color and turbidity (VIS & NIR 350 - 1050nm,  DCP007),

  • backscatter measurement (model NBP007) up to 600 g/l probes PG13,5 TC

  • nephelometric measurement (ratiometric) for low turbidity (model TC007) from 0 to 100 ppm,

  • fluorescence measurement (FL007)

The series 007 also provides as standard, an intuitive and graphical user interface that can be accessed via any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari ...) with the TCP / IP protocol.

The web interface offers the possibility of remote control as well as easy access to operating procedures.

In addition to the analog output (s), a Modbus output is provided as standard

Kemtrak Photometers

Kemtrak Photometer 007

Kemtrak Backscatter Photometer

Multiple Configurations

The on-board electronics of the 700 series allow secure installation even in the ATEX zone.
Industrial-type optical fibers conduct light from the photometer to the cell and return it to the transmitter.
The model, the measuring range and the wavelengths must be configured at the factory and depend on the application.
Kemtrak measurement chains are true online spectrophotometers. Because of their design, a simple zeroing calibrates them. A NIST accessory can be introduced into the measurement loop to verify and document this calibration.

Guarantees without maintenance.

Kemtrak measuring cells

Kemtrak Cells and Probes

Inox inline Cells


Standard Design

DIN connections (EN 1092-1)
ANSI (ANSI B16.5 and BS3293)
Tri-Clamp (ISO 2852 & DIN 32676)
Straight thread (DIN ISO 228 BSP)
Tapered thread (DIN ISO 228 BSP)
Swagelok® Connection

Size : from DN15 up to DN100


316L stainless steel (EN 1.4404 or EN 1.4435)
Other materials including Titanium Gr 2, Hastellroy C-276 & C-22, Monel 400 and PTFE C25 (TFMC, Teflon)





FKM, Viton, Fluorel



Other types

Surface Finish

Ra < 0,38µm

Operating Conditions

Ambient process temperature up to 250 ° C
Pressure from 10 mbar to 200 bar (0.14-2900 psi)
Operating conditions are dependent on materials and design
Higher pressures and temperatures available on request

Backscatter Probes


Standard Design

Probe with Tri-Clamp connection (50,5mm or PG13,5
Diameter 12mm of 120 +/- 2mm, 225mm, 325mm & 425mm long
Customized length on request


316L Inox ou C-22 Hastelloy




FKM, Viton, Fluorel



Surface Finish

Ra < 0,38µm

Operating Conditions

Ambient process temperature up to 260 ° C
Pressure from 10 mbar up to 16 bar
Operating conditions are dependent on materials and design

Optical Fiber Cable Length

5m as standard

Other lengths available on request


IP68 (10 bar) / EN 60529, ATEX (in option)

Kemtrak pH probes with optical fiber
Kemtrak Cells

Kemtrak single-use Cells

Kemtrak single-use cell

The Kemtrak single-use UV Cell is designed to provide maximum practicality and flexibility in biopharmaceutical processes.

With a selection of line sizes and a wide choice of optical path lengths, the Kemtrak single-use UV Cell is ideally suited for chromatographic separation and filtration applications.

The system includes a universal holder and a disposable cell. The cell has protected connections for Kemtrak fiber optical cables which are themselves connected to a nearby DCP007 UV analyzer. The cells are positively positioned and firmly held in tight tolerance positioning slots with a spring-loaded clamping knob.
Zero dead volume ensures sharp edge detection in separation processes.


Hygienic cell for single use
Quick release mechanism
Zero dead volume
Sizes from ¼ "to 1"
Travel lengths from 10 mm (4.5 OD) to 0.5 mm (90 OD)
Color of cells to differentiate optical paths
Sterilization by autoclaving and irradiation

Single-Use Cells

Kemtrak Optical Fiber

Kemtrak fiber optic photometer


Photonic fiber in silica core with flexible stainless steel coating
Kevlar reinforcement
SMA 905 Terminal Connectors

Operating Temperature (continuous)

Normal using : from -60°C to 125°C, autoclavable

Higher Temperatures in option : de -60°C à 250°C

Cable Length

Up to 50m


IP68 (10 bar) / EN 60529, ATEX in option

Kemtrak Optical Fiber

ATEX Enclosure

ATEX Enclosure for Série 700 Photometers and Turbidimeters 

Kemtrak EX-D1

Enclosure intended for the use of photometers and turbidimeters in ATEX zone 1.
Equipped with a Lamp display control Window and 4 push buttons for control of the transmitter.
The optical fibers designed by Kemtrak are particularly suitable for ATEX zones, since they do not conduct electricity but cold light low voltage.
The optical fibers are connected to the enclosure through EExd glands packed with a component that seals the fibers together creating an impenetrable barrier.

They must be exclusively EX type.

Dimensions in mm
120 x 220 L x 90 d

29 kgs

Epoxy painted aluminum

Vertical mounting

Technical Brochure
EExd Enclosure
kemtrak-NIST with bowl.png

Calibration and validation Accessory

Non intrusive calibration validation
Confirm linearity and photometric accuracy
Cross validation with a laboratory
Standard filter holder 12,5mm
DO / AU measurement with no loss of product

The NIST Kemtrak accessory validates the calibration.

The non-intrusive filter / bowl holder allows the reference filter or certified liquid cuvette to be inserted directly into the light path without interrupting and contaminating your process.
It is designed to receive an absorbance filter or cuvette equivalent to those used by laboratory spectrophotometers.

This accessory is optional, but can also be used alone, without the cell, to perform offline measurements.

Traceable Validation and calibration Accessory
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