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KR2i Labo

KR2i / Labo Scale

The KRIIi TFF system is ideal for conducting R&D filtration cycles in the field of micro and ultra-filtration.

To characterize a filtration process or maintain the validity of a process, it combines monitoring and flexibility for a large number of applications. Driven by a 2.3 LPM peristaltic pump, the Krosflo hollow fiber module filters efficiently and quickly while the piping chosen according to the module used minimizes dead volume.

The system provides a Krosflo digital pressure controller that monitors and displays the process pressures (supply, retentate, transmembrane pressure and flow rates), as well as alarms that close the pump in conditions of too high and too low pressure.

A PC is installed in interface with the controller to record all the data relating to your processes in the KF Comm database. The Research II TFF system effectively filters your samples while protecting them.

Three Filtration models available depending on the process
The entire system consists of pump piping, connections, HF module and two single-use tanks.

No cleaning or risk of cross-contamination for easier validation.

KF Comm data logging software
The PC connected to the system makes it possible to record the operating pressures in real time, the TMP, the pump flow rate, the date, the alarm threshold points in Excel spreadsheet to obtain graphics. Flow rates can be entered manually depending on the power supply.


Female scientist using a microphone

Repligen's tangential flow filtration process easily allows extrapolation from a Pilot production to larger productions.
It is enough to multiply the surface area of the hollow fiber membrane that you use, the flow rate and the filtration rate of the process by the same factor, maintaining the pressure setpoints and the process times.
Coupled with Repligen membranes, the KrosFlo® Pilot system is ideal for diagnosis and the pilot phase of biopharmaceutical production.


Compact and easy to handle


  • Peristaltic pump with digital control

  • Fully automated for precise and reproducible tangential filtration



Pressure monitors and converters


  • 4 pressure measurements and displays

  • 5 user-defined Pressure Alarm setting points with automatic shutdown option

  • 3 sterile single-use pressure converters



Automatic transmembrane pressure adjustment valve


  • Controls user defined TMP or permeate back pressure

  • Reduces the risk of fiber clogging by maintaining a uniform TMP

  • Simplifies operator control of filtration

  • Reduces filtration time



KF Comm data logging Software


  • Records up to 8 operating parameters in real time

  • Calculates up to 9 process parameters

  • Records data in graphical form with Excel® software



KrosFlo Permeate Scale


  • Automatically calculates permeate flow

KMPi / Production scale

Hollow fibers compatible with the KMPi TFF Filtration System

Fibres MiniKros® : Pilot scale

Process volumes : De 5 à 50L

Connections: 1" 1/2 TC x 3/4" TC

Effective Length : 20, 41.5, et 65 cms

Total surface : de 1,550 à 8,500 cm2

Fibres KrosFlo® : Production scale

Process volumes : De 10 à 100L

Connections : 3" TC x 1" 1/2 TC

Effective Length : 20, 41.5 et 65 cm

Total Surface : de 7,850 à 4,1 m2

KMPI Production

Repligen has successfully combined the benefits of the hollow fiber design with the efficiency of tangential filtration to offer the most efficient micro and ultrafiltration consumables on the market.

The hollow fiber membranes offer the efficiency of a uniform flow through the lumen without loss of product or deposit since there is no "corner".
In addition, this uniformity of flow both inside the lumen and in all the fibers of the module makes it easy to extrapolate from Research & Development to industrial production.

Hollow Fibers


The hollow fiber design makes it possible to increase the surface area of the membrane while maintaining the size of the module, which therefore remains without installation problems.

Fibres creuses
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