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Tangential Flow Filtration Systems with hollow Fibers

Filtration Systems

Laboratory scale filtration system with hollow fibers
Production scale filtration system with hollow fibers
Industrial-scale filtration systems with hollow fibers

KTF / Production scale

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Complementary products

Hollow fiber filtration modules for better performance
Filtration Systems
Centrifuge Machines

Cell disrupters from 1ml to 140L/h

Continuous Cell Disrupter CF1 and CF2

The Constant Systems Cell Disruptors

The Constant Systems cell disruptors performance are widely acknoledged throughout the world.

Their unique disruption system is designed to control very high pressures, generated in ejecting sample through a constant diameter nozzle at very high velocity.

  • No shear because no valve

  • No heat production

  • No dry content to be set

  • Homogeneous debris size

  • No spray

Technical benefits

  • Reproducible breakage and results

  • Selective and customized disruption (nucleus and intracellular organites preservation, viruses release ...)

  • Linear scale-up from laboratory to manufacture

  • No risk of contamination (contained process, no spray)

  • Discontinuous flow mode (from 0,1 ml to 20 ml / cycle) ; continuous flow mode (from 10 ml to 60L / h as standard, no dead volume)

  • Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance

  • SIP

  • CIP

  • A few consumables required

Cell Disrupters
Cell Culture Monitoring

Cell Culture Monitoring

Cell culture monitoring with Iprasense

Cytonotes for non intruisive adherant cells monitoring. 

Normas  for viability and count of suspended cells, without Trypan Blue nor any dilution. 

These innovative instruments open new perspectives into live cell imaging and cell kinetic analyzis. IPRASENSE’s label-free time-lapse imaging technology offers a versatile solution for monitoring cell culture inside your incubator. The unmatched extra large field of view and the insensitivity to focus provide a robust real-time analysis of your adherent cells in any Petri dishes, T-Flask, slides or microchips.

The CYTONOTE product range simplifies live cell imaging technique and transforms the complex and expensive microscope into a cost-effective solution.

IPRASENSE reinvents the automated cell counter and viability analyzers. Our unique label-free imaging technology provides extremely fast cell count and viability from a few µl sample volume of your cell suspension. The unmatched repeatability directly results from the extremely large field of view of the single analyzed image, together with the sample preparation free method (no dilution, no label like trypan blue).

The NORMA product range offers fast, simple and robust solutions for your routine lab cell counts and your high throughput platforms.


Cell culture monitoring with Cytonote

The easiest solution for a reliable and accurate Cell count 

Cell culture monitoring with Norma XS

LIVE CELL IMAGING INSIDE THE INCUBATOR : 6 wells and time-lapse imaging

Cell culture monitoring with Cytonote
Cytonote 6 W

Automatic Cell count and viability 

Standard 4S

LIVE CELL IMAGING INSIDE THE INCUBATOR : Multiwell Analysis and time-lapse imaging 

Cytonote Scan

Viability and Cell density for a µl scale high throughput 

High-throughput cell culture monitoring with Norma HT
Norma HT


Ionization for Air Treatement

Aerotec air purifiers for fruit warehouses
Aerotec air purifier for storage Flowers
Aerotron remote air treatment for pipes
Aeromat air purification treatment
Aerotron remote air treatment for pipes
Ionization air purifier for offices, public or private spaces
Air treatment with VIROXX for medical spaces
Aeromat air purifier for public rooms, sports, hotels, restaurants
Air purification with Phoenix for industrial applications
Air purification with Phoenix for industrial applications

Bioclimatic Air purification Systems running 

A law of nature – an air regeneration process using bipolar ionization

The function of Bioclimatic ionisation units is based on a completely natural process: the principle of air ionization. Clean, healthy, fresh air is generated by the inactivation of germs and odour molecules through oxidation, by means of "activated oxygen“.

In the outdoor air, this activated oxygen primarily occurs in the form of positive and negative air ions and ozone. Indoors, on the other hand, hardly any air ions occur. Yet they have a positive effect on people‘s well-being and constantly regenerate the air in our environment.

Bioclimatic air ionisation systems "copy“ this natural process of air regeneration and apply it to conditions that prevail indoors. This improves the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), inactivates germs, neutralises odours, and enhances the air with natural ion concentrations. An electronic control system is used to trigger this natural process and to adjust concentrations as needed.



An enhanced Technology

The ionic charging tubes designed by Bioclimatic guarantee a high degree of efficiency. To purify highly polluted air, tubes covered with a thin layer of silver are provided. The controller (integral or central remote) is able to define the operating level to adapt the system to the ambient conditions.

High-tech materials

The manufacture of Bioclimatic systems guarantees long-term operation, even in extreme conditions. The waterproof electronic parts allow maintenance and cleaning of the system.

Numerous applications in numerous fields

Industries come up against a double constraint when it comes to air purification : the air generated inside their premises and the air rejected outside, both generally polluted by different odorous or non-odorous components, surely dangerous for health in the medium or long term.
Industrial emissions are subject to increasingly finicky legislation in terms of respect for the environment. For example, and not least, European Directive 99/13 / EC of March 11, 1999 which sets the rules for the emission of VOCs to the atmosphere in 20 sectors of activity.

Bioclimatic purifiers can intervene to help industry professionals to comply with laws and regulations, on both aspects.

Because filtration is not enough, ionization technology can effectively reduce a large number of harmful emissions (germs, smelly gas emissions, VOCs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, solvents).

Discover a full range that will help your business purify indoor and outdoor air.

Mobile models, ready to be connected, for small or large spaces; units designed for installation in your ventilation or air conditioning ducts, modular according to your needs ; outdoor purifiers to meet the requirements of a clean environment ...

Our models have been designed to best meet all of your business needs.


Many applications in the following sectors (Non-exhaustive list)

Industrial dairies and dairies
Pet Shop
Sports locker rooms, meeting rooms
Industrial bakery
Warehouses Fruits and vegetables, flowers, plants
Waste collection and reprocessing site, compactors
Industry for animal food production
Printing Facility
Metal processing
Paint and varnish factory
Industrial catring
Water reprocessing site ...

Air Treatment
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