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A very happy new year to you all !
For information, we had some issues with our contact form rejected by our anti-spam system. This technical problem has been resolved.
If, following your request, you have not heard back from us, we encourage you to get back to us by email or telephone. Our lack of response being very involuntary.

Our eco-responsible suppliers

EXner, known for its biomass probes and probe extractors, has decided to replace the plastic in its packaging with cardboard and will be autonomous at 70% of the energy it uses with photovoltaic panels.

Learn how to normalize the Kemtrak TC007 turbidimeter with liquid-free CalCaps for our backscatter probes. 

Increase safety of your process by eliminating the need to use hazardous formazine.

Drug preparation and control unit at the Pharmacy Departmentof the Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon

Video on the production line of Procuronium Bromide injectable solution providing for the use of Pharmatainer vials, as part of a supply tension of curare used in resuscitation and in tracheal intubation.

New projects and events
Our Equipments


Cell Culture Monitoring / Cytonote and NORMA

Research, Pilot and Production Cell Disruptors

Centrifuge Machines : bacterials, mammalian Cells or Single-Use

TFF Perfusion and Filtration Systems

Air Treatment Ionisation Systems 


CellD SU Assemblies

Silicone Tube 

SU Connectors 

Mammalian Cells Centrifuge Bowls

Inline SU Optical Cells


CellD SU Assemblies

Silicone Tube 

SU Connectors 

Mammalian Cells Centrifuge Bowls

Inline SU Optical Cells




We equip Fermenters, Tanks and transfer Lines..... with online sensors for production monitoring, optimization and its safety. 

All these sensors can be cleaned and sterilized in place. They are, by definition, hygienic and can be supplied with material certificates (3.1B according to EN10204) for their traceability in regulated processes.

We also selected offline Equipments whith innovative features like sterile or autoclavable components : assemblies, centrifuge/filter bowls, single-use in-line cells.

Our Support Service Department

  • Checking of the equipment before delivery

  • Installation on site

  • Staff training on site

Support services 

  1. Recertification

  2. Recalibration

  3. Phone and email support regarding all technical requests

A customized maintenance contract can be offered, depending on your equipment and the use frequency, also training programms

Fell free fo contact us for further informations !

Expertise and skills


Our Partners


Liquid Solids Control

Measurement of dissolved solids by online or tank refractometry in standard and Atex zones

Probe extractors and probes


Manual and pneumatic probe extractors, probe holders, optical sensors and biomass probes

Online optical measurement


Online optical measurement UV, VIS, NIR, Fluorescence, turbidity, backscatter, from 190 to 2000 nm from 0 to 130 OD. SU cells available

Cell Disrupters

Constant Systems

Without heating, reproducible whatever the operator or the dry material

Measurement of solid and liquid levels


Charis Foam detection, without false positives even in case of severe fouling. Measurement of solid and liquid levels for industrial processes. 


Carr Biosystems 

Centrifuges for Animal cells, microorganisms and protein precipitate 20,000 G

Air Treatment Systems


Ionization air purification systems

Filtration Systems


Filtration and perfusion system with hollow fibers from laboratory to production

Cell Viability Counters


Non-intrusive monitoring of your adherent cell cultures in an incubator. Counting and cell viability without dilution and without staining. 





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Tel : +33 4 66 82 82 60


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