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A unique Measurement principle

A unique and foolproof Measurement Technics

The Charis Technology Foam Sensor operates by passing a small alternating current through the foam or the liquid under test, and uses this to measure impedance. The impedance of the material being sensed is used to determine the presence of foam or liquid.

The sensor is designed with two electrodes called Sense (at the end of the sensor) and Guard (on the body of the sensor). The Sense electrode is used to sense foam while the Guard electrode is designed to prevent the build-up of any surface coating from causing false readings. The Guard electrode supplies all the leakage current leaving the Sense electrode to sense only foam and isolates the sensor from the interference caused by fouling.
This technology enables the sensor to continue working reliably even in conditions of extreme fouling.

This exclusive Charis technology allows reliable work even in extreme fouling conditions and is suitable for all types of tanks from a few liters to hundreds of M3.
Detection probes are available in diameter 12 or 20mm with connectors of different types "Triclamp", BSP, DN25, PG13,5, or specific depending on the manufacturer of tanks ... .. A connector cable gland is also available to adjust the height.

On the same probe we can have up to 3 levels of detection

Measurement Principle


The SmartFoam has been specially designed to detect foam even in case of severe fouling and meet the special requirements of wastewater treatment.

The choice of materials, stainless steel, Teflon for its robustness, the controller integrated in the sensor head for greater flexibility of installation and lower cost : all these points make a sensor always functional, maintenance-free and perfectly adapted to the stations vacuum evaporation and any other process operating in the standard zone and below 100°C.

Technical Features

  • Standard model in several lengths available from 120 mm to 2 m and in two diameters 12 and 20 mm.

  • Integrated controller encapsulated in a miniaturized module in the sensor head, powered by 24VDC

  • Competitive cost

  • Great ease of installation

  • Direct interfacing with a programmable controller via a dry contact

  • Dry contact in the open position, in the "presence of foam"

  • No maintenance

  • No false positive even dirty : continues to work perfectly in all conditions even the most extreme.

  • Adjustable measuring sensitivity and slow or fast response time

  • Supports temperatures up to 90°C

Infallible foam detection for wastewater SmartFoam


SureSense + is designed to infallibly detect foam in any type of reactor on any scale.
The probes can have up to 3 detection points (foam, alarm, high alarm for example) and can discriminate the foam from the liquid.

Our probes can also be used in ATEX zone with intrinsically safe barrier, the transmitter must be located outside the zone.

Cable length up to 100m.

Technical Features

  • Featuring exclusive IMA Sensing technology that allows the sensor to stay functional even when severely fouled

  • Transmitter can control up to 3 detections on the same probe or 3 independent sensors

  • Discriminates the foam of the liquid

  • Intrinsic barriers for ATEX zones available

  • Sensor resistant to pressures of 10 bar, vacuum and temperatures up to 150 ° C

  • Controller with clear LCD screen and user-friendly menus

  • 4 - 20 mA output and relay (5), 24VDC power supply

SureSense + sensors for infallible foam detection even when dirty
SureSense +


Foam detection with an extremely fouled Sensor

Charis/Hycontrol Foam Control Technology

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