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Are your silos in danger?

Vos silos en danger

DP Range


The Level detection of solids and powder by vibrating blades has been used for many years for silo applications.
When the material comes into contact with the probe, its frequency drops and triggers an "action".
This type of design is limited because of the rigidity of the vibrating blades and the risk that powders or solids do not accumulate on the probe and form a bridge giving false positives, therefore false information.

To overcome these recurring problems, HyControl has developed second-generation sensors that use a solid rod, which oscillates freely within a protective envelope.
This hollow envelope has a diamond-shaped section to avoid the accumulation of deposits in the upper part which may generate inopportune "alarms" .
It also allows the blade to swing easily from side to side, while providing vertical rigidity to prevent damage from falling materials.
An additional advantage of this probe is that it is sensitive only in the terminal part. Therefore, it is not affected by any accumulation of product between the wall of the silo and the inert part of its body.
HyControl has therefore combined the profile and oscillation characteristics into one sensor, which is called Diamond Point Excitation.
The sensitivity of these probes is such that they can measure very low density solids: 0.03 for DP120, 140 and 150 and 0.1 for DP600.


This type of probe is used in many applications, from the detection of cereal flakes to cement powders.

Level monitoring of building materials is particularly difficult because of the extent of differences in their characteristics. Cement, a fine powder, favors the fouling of classic "tuning fork" probes, whereas stony rubble will tend to cause irreversible mechanical damage to conventional probes.

These new probes are therefore suitable for all environments and can be used to detect high and low levels, for a measurement on the side (in ferrule) or by the top (on platinum), but they are also able to differentiate a liquid from a solid (Factory setting of the resonance frequency on water instead of air).

Diamond Point Probe is available in 4 versions

DP6XX : cost effective unit

DP120 : standard unit (173mm length)

DP140 : rigid stainless steel extension unit (up to 4m long) for platinum insertion

DP150 : has a flexible armored cable up to 20m for platinum insertion

DP130 : specifically designed for hygienic applications

Product Highlights

  • No moving parts

  • Very rigid and robust

  • Temperature Operation up to 250°C

  • Easy installation

  • Unaffected by the environment

  • Pressure up to 10 bar

  • ATEX optional

  • Measurement of products of 10 gr / liter

  • Maintenance-free

  • Sensitivity point at the end of the probe

DP Range
Blocked Chute Detector

MWS Blocked Chute Detector

The Hycontrol MWS Microwave Blocked Chute Detection System provides a simple, non-contact, non-intrusive option suitable for many applications on dry or granular powders



The Hycontrol MWS microwave blocked chute detection system provides a simple non-contactnon-intrusive option suitable for many applications on dry powder or granular product.

An installation comprises a transmitter and a receiver which are mounted facing one another at distances up to a maximum of 100 m apart (for the AC version). During operation the transmitter emits a continuous, low power, microwave beam to the receiver and an output relay is energised or de-energised when this beam is obstructed by the material being monitored.

The switch trigger point is determined by the amount of microwave energy received and can, therefore, be adjusted to cater for different products and different sensitivity settings depending upon the application. Typical applications for detecting presence and non-presence of materials include flow and no-flow conditions, point level detection, blocked chute detection and also proximity switch detection for reversing vehicles including trucks and rail cars.

This technology is able to monitor through product build up on tank or chute walls and can be non-intrusive by utilising protective windows. It is ideal for replacing costly nucleonic devices - unlike which, there are no requirements for permits or special operator training. It is easily retrofitted to existing chutes and vessels. The MWS system has very low maintenance requirements. 

Product Highlights

  • High penetration of deposits

  • Non-contact measurement

  • Measuring range up to 40m

  • Easy installation and start-up

  • Fall arrest detection

  • Replaces expensive nucleonic systems

  • Total safety for operators

  • High temperature options

  • Maintenance-free

  • Specific design for existing silos or tanks

  • Can detect through windows

Microsense Flow Switch  MFS

The Hycontrol Microsense Flow Switch MFS offers a simple and safe solution to various production applications.

When applied to solid, powdered or particulate products, the non-contact one-piece unit can be used to alert operators in the event of a transit disturbance when continuous supply is required (possibly due to a blockage or a loss of supply) or vice versa.

Can be used to confirm that transit has stopped completely before a new material is introduced into the flow, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.



The transit switch uses a microwave Doppler effect and it is non-invasive.

During operation, the sensing head transmits a continuous low power microwave beam over the flowing product path.

Microwaves are partially reflected by any product present.

These reflections are analyzed to determine whether the product particles are moving or stationary objects.

The highly penetrating microwave beam emitted by the Microsense unit passes through accumulations on the face of the transmitter and even detects through non-conductive material pipes such as plastic and ceramic. The switch is better for detecting materials such as dry solids, granules, flakes and powders.

Microsense is sensitive enough to record very low flow levels so that operators are fully aware of their transit or absence.

This helps operators to ensure that they meet relevant hygienic standards by ensuring that there are no contaminants from other material streams.

Typical Applications :






Pet Food.


Transit can be detected in pipelines, chutes, transfer bins, dispensers, feeders, treadmills, bucket elevators or in the open air.

For added security, this detector can be combined with a microwave lock monitoring system to provide both a transit output and a blocking indication, providing operators with maximum protection.

Product Highlights

  • High penetration of deposits

  • Improves the efficiency of the installation

  • Outdoor detection at the fall / duct

  • Easy installation and start-up

  • Detects through plastic windows

  • Flow output 4-20mA

  • Reduces waste

  • Non-contact measurement

  • Maintenance-free

  • Simple to install and maintain

  • High temperature in option

Microsense Flow Switch

Ultrasonic Measurement of Liquids and solids Level MICROFLEX LR 

Ultrasonic liquid and solid level measurement

Microflex LR pushes the boundaries of non-contact ultrasonic level measurement.


This new range of smart level transmitters can measure distances up to 60 metres and is suitable for solids and liquids.

Using new technology developed with low frequencies, these transmitters can operate in extreme applications, including very dusty and dirty environments, where most traditional ultrasonic units will fail.

Utilising frequencies as low as 5 kHz enables level measurement on difficult solids applications up to 60 metres as this frequency can penetrate the dust on filling cycles and has an ability to self-clean the transducer face.

Microflex LR is available in two configurations with 2/3/4-wire technology; an integral display (MI) four-button programmable instrument and a SMART blind (MS) version.

This product can be programmed from a PC using Hycontrol’s bespoke Vision System software. If necessary,  any necessary system adjustments can be made from the other side of the world using the internet by adding the Hycontrol Link. Hycontrol Service Engineers can remotely analyse and overcome any commissioning or operating issues which may be experienced in the field, without having to actually visit the site ; this reduces time and costs for the user.

Practical and powerful, Microflex LR has proven extremely popular with Hycontrol customers.

Product Highlights

  • Measures up to 60m

  • BUS and multi-drop capability

  • Advanced 2-wire Technology

  • Non-contact measurement

  • ATEX zone

  • Low voltage up to 12 VDC in option

  • Low frequency for better dust penetration

  • Measurement of solids and liquids

  • Transducers resistant to corrosive products

  • Remote connection for maintenance


Ultrasonic Measurement of Liquids and solids Level MINIFLEX LR 


Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement is one of the most versatile level measuring technologies available today but the introduction of the new Miniflex LR moves these boundaries even further into the next generation.

Miniflex LR, with its wide range of transducers and advanced PULSE window echo tracking technology, is capable of measuring virtually any liquid or solid and can be used in a wide range of industries from water and waste, to chemical and process, to quarry and aggregate.

The programming is via a simple five button keypad situated behind an IP65-rated front cover.

The two-line,16-digit display enables programming and configuration without the use of a manual by simply using a flow programming chart, reducing set-up time to a minimum. 

Miniflex LR utilises automatic gain control to cater for changing vessel characteristics such as foam or agitation and to ensure the instrument always receives stable true echoes.

Stirrers and agitators rotating in front of a conventional ultrasonic transducer will produce a signal indicating a higher product level within the tank however the Miniflex LR has advanced echo extraction routines. These will effectively blank out the stirrers so the correct level is always monitored providing reliable and stable output.

Product Highlights

  • Multi-programmable

  • Advanced echo extraction

  • Intuitive programming 5 keys

  • ATEX zone

  • Non-contact measurement

  • Pump / Flow / Volume Control

  • Differential control / Distance

  • Bright display 2 lines 16 digits

  • Transducers resistant to corrosive products

  • Displays levels and falls

Ultrasonic MINIFLEX LR
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