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CellD Services: the CellD division for your custom assemblies !

CellD Services carry out your custom assemblies with or without a bottle for all your liquid transfer applications, cell culture, sample collection.

Manufacture of small or large series

Optimal completion time to meet your research and development needs and requirements


Range of autoclavable or disposable multi-channel closures with 2, 3 or 4 channels for all types of necks (GL45, GL32, 53B, 83mm, etc.) for Schott-type glass bottles, PP bottles from 30 ml to 50 liters, HDPE bottles, PETG or polycarbonate all volumes (whatever the diameter of the neck ...)

Custom manufacturing of small series (from 10 pieces) with very short lead time to meet your Research and Development needs


  • Design of 3D parts according to the needs of our customers

  • Special multi-channel plugs

  • Sampling canes

A few examples


Assembly with medium renewal tube for Bio Amb'r 250ml :
keeps the microcarriers in the bioreactor.


P45 Baloon Mounting


Twelve 1L PET Bottles Assembly


Assembly for 83mm mixing cap for 20L Nalgene bottle


68 cm Rod assembly for microcarrier in roller




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