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326 Refractometer

1022 Refractometer

326 Refractometer

The LSC 326 process refractometer is the most universal instrument in our

market sold throughout all industries. Food, chemical, pulp & paper, etc.


This refractometer revolutionizes the flexibility of adjustment, calibration and maintenance.
Access to all information from any station included in the network via an Ethernet connection.

LSC offers a series of on-line, hygienic, cleanable and sterilizable in-line refractometers with instant response for applications in biotechnology, food processing, chemicals, petrochemicals, stationery, beverages ... ..


Principle of measurement
The measurement principle is based on the measurement of the critical angle (angle at which the reflection is total) of dissolved solids without the influence of particles or crystals in suspension, gas bubbles, viscosity or the color of the suspensions.

It is a very accurate and reliable measure of the refractive index, which can also be displayed in BRIX,% solids,% concentration or any type of units desired by the user.

The local measurement is only optical and the signal obtained is processed on a remote electronics, which makes this measuring unit extremely robust, without drift in time, capable of working at 150 ° C continuously, without maintenance.

Measuring sensors can be installed in cells in line with any type of fittings (flanges, tri-clamps ...), connect to ferrule tanks and can be made with different types of materials such as 316L stainless steel and all other steel, Kynar and Teflon.

The measuring cell has no dead volume and can be delivered with a 3.1B certificate for parts in contact with the product.

The cells can be used in ATEX zone and the remote electronics deported to more than 500m.

4 main Elements at the Cell level 

  1. The light source consists of a LED that emits in the NIR and can work stably from -25 to 150 ° C, with pressures up to 68 bar as standard

  2. The measuring window, in sapphire, which receives the light on the surface in contact with the product,

  3. The dual detector that receives the reflected light; one for the reference, the second for the measurement : no drift in case of aging of the LED

  4. The temperature Sensor, which makes it possible to compensate for the temperature variations of the measured liquids, thus stabilizes the measurement of the refractive index.

Technical characteristics

  1. 8.4 "touch screen (optional)

  2. User defined password (calibration and diagnostic Functions)

  3. Simplified multi-application programming

  4. Linearization on the characteristics of your process

  5. Improved Automatic Smart Wash Prism Cleaning Technology

  6. Extended internal diagnostics

  7. Instruction Manual on the screen

  8. USB port for importing and exporting files such as history, current events and data

  9. Modifying calibration files as simple as on a computer : you open, you modify.

  10. NEMA 4 cabinet installation.

326 Refractometer

Refractometer 1022

Failsafe Automatic "Black Liquor" Divert System (Fully complies with "BLRBAC" Recommendations)

Exclusive system designed to protect evaporators from the danger of explosion in the pulp and paper sectors.
For digesters, evaporators, concentrators and dissolving tanks.

The LSC Model 1022 Divert Sytem is a specialized piece of safety equipment which is designed specifically for the global "Pulp and Paper" market. 


This is the 3rd generation divert system designed by LSC which was the 1st company to identify the need / provide a commercial solution for truly protecting recovery boilers since 1977.  Since then LSC has been working closely with the experts of the industry, so that it can continue to be the leader in preventing smelt water explosions in recovery boilers.


The Number One priority of the LSC 1022 Divert Sytem is to prevent a smelt water explosion.  Therefore LSC has designed a package that contains two independent refractometers and one Black Liquor divert controller.  

This allows to safely monitor the "Black Liquor Solids" at all times and if / when needed divert the black liquor away from the recovery boiler.


The LSC Model 1022 performs all necessary operational functions, including a number of "first ever" features, and fully complies with all recommendations of the Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee.

Numerous Benefits

A very attractive price

A quick and easy installation
No need for isolation valve
Probes easily disassembled for remote resettlement
Simple maintenance

Technical Specifications

Measurement range of solids : 55-75, 55-80, 55-85%
Accuracy of the range : +/- 0,5%
Maximum temperature of the black liquor : 150 ° C
Maximum swing of the temperature of the black liquor : +/- 15 ° C
Automatic temperature compensation
Driving of any diameter
Maximum driving pressure: up to 150 psi
2 isolated 4-20 mA outputs
Housing Nema 4 x SS

1022 Refractometer


Capteur Liqueur noire
Cellule Tri-clamp 1"
Cellule débit tri-clamp 1/2"
Cellule sanitaire

Eliminate downtime and maintenance

On purpose, we use an industrial sapphire of the highest quality, also called detection window.

The prisms we use guarantee a long service life, which results in very reliable and precise concentration measurements for the years to come.
The Model 326 In-Line Sensing Head is used in a wide range of applications due to its versatile mounting capability. Four 1/4 "-20 bolts allow mounting on several different flow devices, which are customizable to meet all requirements.

Available in numerous materials

Industrial Applications : 2205 duplex stainless steel extremely corrosion resistant and standard for these applications
Food Applications / Dairy Products / Sugar : 316L Stainless Steel (standard for these applications)
Corrosive Chemical, Semiconductor Applications : A20, Hastelloy-C, Kynar, Monel, Tantilum


Integrated Sensing Head

One of the remarkable advantages of the integrated sensor head is the possibility of using our isolation valve which guarantees safety and reliability (door adapter). The door safely closes the process sensor, allowing the technician to replace or service our sensor heads quickly and securely, without interrupting your work.

LSC-door-safety 1.jpg
LSC-hygienic sensor with

With or without integrated Cleaning

LSC-door-safety 2.jpg
LSC Cells
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