UNIFUGE Single Use, 1 à 6L/min

  • Single-use module (irradiated gamma bowl)

  • No CIP (Cleaning in Place) or SIP (Sterilization in Place)

  • Fully automated

  • High cell harvest rate

  • Insect and mammalian cells

  • Intuitive software

  • Low shear centrifugation

  • Maximum cell viability guaranteed

  • Advanced design and manufacturing

The new Unifuge centrifuge system from PneumaticscaleAngelus uses a single-use harvesting module, which is gamma irradiated.

The "Single Use" module is easy to install (less than 10 minutes)
This system guarantees excellent separations with low shear and maximum viability of the harvested cells.

From the moment the cells are not lysed, the production of debris is minimized, making the Unifuge a centrifuge of choice when it comes to both harvesting the cells and / or clarifying the supernatant.

The Unifuge modules are ready to use and equipped with heat-sealable tubes to be sterile connected to your bioreactor and to the collection tanks (custom disposable connectors on request)

The Unifuge is fully automated and recipes allow one or more discharge cycles to be carried out. The suspended material is gently pumped to the module and the cells are concentrated against the outer ring while the supernatant is continuously discharged. Once the module is full, the controller stops the rotor and discharges the cells. This cycle is repeated until the entire volume is processed. Possibility at the end of the cycle to inject a cell cleaning buffer, automatically.

UNIFUGE U2K Single Use, 1 à 20L/min



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