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CARR UFMini® Single-Use Centrifugation

Personalized Medicine with a Single-Use System

The Pneumatic Scale Angelus’ CARR Centritech UFMini® is the scaled-down version of our UniFuge® single-use centrifuge, designed for harvesting CHO, Stem, and other cells for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. This user-friendly system is intended for use in cleanrooms, in laminar flow hoods, and on benchtops.

The UFMini separation system utilizes a gamma irradiated, single-use module that requires NO CIP and NO SIP.

The single-use module is supplied with a tubeset, which can be readily tube welded to your single-use bioreactor connections (customer-specified single-use connectors available upon request).

The UFMini is completely automated with flexible cycle parameters. The feed suspension is gently pumped to the separation zone of the single use module and the cells centrifugally settle to the outer radius, while the clarified supernatant is continuously discharged. Once the user programmed cycle timer has expired, the controller stops the rotor and discharges the cells. This cycle automatically repeats for a user-selectable number of cycles based upon bioreactor volume.

UFMini Single-use

Product Details

  • Processes scalable to UniFuge Pilot and U2k®

  • Flow rate from 29-1000 ml/min

  • Variable g-force up to 3000 x g

  • Continuous discharge of supernatant and intermittent discharge of cell culture

  • Lightweight single-use module with tubeset

  • Optional data acquisition for SCADA System via Ethernet connection

  • Low noise level (below 80 dB) during operation

Technical Specifications

  • Designed for use at room temperatures

  • Footprint 69cm wide x 56cm deep x 38cm high (27” x 22” x 15” high)

  • Total weight of approximately 45 kg (100 lbs)

  • Allen Bradley® PLC

  • Allen Bradley® HMI Touchscreen 22.9 cm (9”) - 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Fluid connections on left front side of machine; utility connections on right side

Utility Requirement

  • Clean, dry air supply 6 bar (90 psi) @ 57 liters/min (2 CFM)

  • Single phase universal power supply 100 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz, suitable for global use, including:

    • 120V/60Hz, 6A

    • 230V/50Hz, 4A

    • 100V/60Hz/50Hz, 7A

  • Four pinch valve configuration: Feed, Concentrate, Supernatant, and Buffer

Single-use Module

  • Designed for fluid transfer with temperatures in the range of 4-38 °C (39-100 °F)

  • 275 ml single-use module with 6mm (1/4”) ID and 9.5mm (3/8”) OD Silicone tubing

  • Continuous discharge of supernatant and intermittent discharge of cell culture

  • Components compliant with physiochemical tests:

    • USP <87> <88> Class VI, USP 661 (or ISO 10993) for plastic materials

  • Gamma irradiated

Record Player

UNIFUGESingle Use, 1 to 6L/min

  • Single-use module (irradiated gamma bowl)

  • No CIP (Cleaning in Place) or SIP (Sterilization in Place)

  • Fully automated

  • High cell harvest rate

  • Insect and mammalian cells

  • Intuitive software

  • Low shear centrifugation

  • Maximum cell viability guaranteed

  • Advanced design and manufacturing

The new Unifuge centrifuge system from PneumaticscaleAngelus uses a single-use harvesting module, which is gamma irradiated.

The "Single Use" module is easy to install (less than 10 minutes)
This system guarantees excellent separations with low shear and maximum viability of the harvested cells.

From the moment the cells are not lysed, the production of debris is minimized, making the Unifuge a centrifuge of choice when it comes to both harvesting the cells and / or clarifying the supernatant.

The Unifuge modules are ready to use and equipped with heat-sealable tubes to be sterile connected to your bioreactor and to the collection tanks (custom disposable connectors on request)

The Unifuge is fully automated and recipes allow one or more discharge cycles to be carried out. The suspended material is gently pumped to the module and the cells are concentrated against the outer ring while the supernatant is continuously discharged. Once the module is full, the controller stops the rotor and discharges the cells. This cycle is repeated until the entire volume is processed. Possibility at the end of the cycle to inject a cell cleaning buffer, automatically.

U2K Brochure

UNIFUGE U2KSingle Use, 1 to 20L/min

CARR® Centritech Separation Systems: CARR U2k®

CARR Centritech’s new U2k single-use centrifuge from Pneumatic Scale Angelus is the scaled-up version of our successful UniFuge® product.

It uses a gamma irradiated, single-use module that requires NO CIP and NO SIP. All process contact surfaces are supplied as one module and are 100% replaceable after each run. U2k® modules are readily tube welded to your single-use bioreactor connections (customer-specified single-use connectors available upon request).


The U2k® is completely automated with flexible cycle parameter entry via touch screen HMI. The feed suspension is gently pumped to the module and the cells settle to the outer radius, while the clear supernatant and concentrate are continuously discharged.

Continuous Discharge Single-Use Module

  • Tapered rotor to transport cells

  • Centripetal pump to evacuate cell paste

  • Center feed for low shear operation

  • Concentric tubes to introduce feed and remove supernatant and concentrate

  • USP Class VI components

  • Gamma irradiated

Product Details

  • Maximum flow rate up to 20 l/min* (5 times flow rate of the UniFuge)

  • Variable g-force up to 3000 x g*

  • Capability to clarify up to 2000 liters of cell cultures in 8 hours or less*

  • Continuous discharge of supernatant and cell culture reduces operation time

  • PLC with color touch screen

  • Low weight of empty separation module after separation

  • Compact footprint and height of centrifuge

  • Easily movable with stainless steel casters

  • Low noise level

  • Optional data acquisition for SCADA System

* Process-dependent

Technical Specifications

  • Footprint 80cm x 206cm x 200cm high (31” x 81” x 78” high)

  • Total skid weight of 1050 kg (2300 lbs.)

  • Weight of empty separation disposable module less than 13 kg (28 lbs)

  • Allen Bradley® or Siemens® PLC

  • Allen Bradley® or Siemens® HMI touchscreen 30.7 cm (12.1”)

  • Clean dry air supply 6 bar (90 psi) @ 1 SLPM

  • Maximum case pressure (for cooling) 6.9 bar (100 psi)

  • Three phase voltage supply:

    • US: 230V/60Hz, 80A or 460V/60Hz, 40A

    • Europe: 400V/50Hz, 46A

    • Japan: 200V/60Hz/50Hz, 90A

    • Others as needed

Unifuge U2K


Vidéos Unifuge
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