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Cytonotes allow cell cultures to be monitored in the incubator in real time without operator intervention.

No focus adjustment, no brightness adjustment : IT IS AUTOMATIC and therefore the resolution will always be there, even in case of frequent opening / closing of the incubator.

No moving part : IT'S ROBUST

They record images of your cells at a frequency you determine, and recreate time-lapse video films that visualize and highlight the very organization of cell life.

These images are analyzed in number of cells or in% of confluence over time and plotted automatically.

Integrated Migration to "Image J" and "Excel".

This, for a small fee.


  • Cell proliferation counting or objective confluence measurement

  • Analysis of cell migration, mobility and healing

  • Stem cells differenciation Monitoring (differentiation, morphology ...)

  • Organization of cell populations (Angiogenesis, formation of neural networks ...)

  • Attachment / detachment of cells

  • Diameter of spheroids .....

Cytonote 1 W

Cytonote 1 well


Observation of cell culture live in the incubator

All types of transparent flasks (petri dish, Tflask ...)

Without focus or brightness adjustment

Large field of view: 30mm2

High contrast vs white light

Observation of thousands of adherent cells on the same image

"Space saving" instrument


Parallel control of up to 6 culture wells which, however, remain independent.
Optimization of culture media for simultaneous cultures
Comparison of proliferation speeds .....

iprasense-Cytonote-Cytonote 6W.png

Cytonote 6 wells

Cytonote 6 W


CYTONOTE SCAN is a multi-well plate cell imaging system designed to record films based on Time-Lapse images of your cell lines.

The innovative and patented “lensless imaging” technology pushes the limits of microscopy with its extremely wide field of vision and its ability to accurately capture and analyze several thousand cells without focusing and brightness parameters.

Cytonote Scan

Cytonote Scan


Prostate cell aggregates

Cytonote Videos
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